Sunday, July 7, 2013

North-South Lake Campground...

In the north-east section of the Catskill Mountains Forest Reserve In New York state, there is a very nice state campground. North-South Lake Campgrounds is one of the biggest and probably the must popular of the NY state campgrounds in the Catskill Mountains. It is surrounded by many hiking trails to explore which lead you to amazing overlooks, waterfalls, and historic sights. 

 On your way to North-South Lake Campgrounds Catskill Mts., if you take Route 32 west toward West Haven, you will travel up a very steep, winding road which offers a wonderful view of the mountains and you will come upon the Kaaterskill Falls. There is a small parking area near the falls so you can walk up to falls as well as see a beautiful view of the mountains. Kaaterskill Falls is a magnificent two-drop waterfall making the dual cascading falls the highest in New York State at about 260 feet high. The Falls is one of the the most photographed, painted, and penned (in essays, stories, and poems) as it is one of America’s oldest tourist spots since the early 1800s. 

 At North-South Lake Campgrounds there is a hiking trail that will take you to Alligator Rock - see picture of 1914 postcard. 

There is a lake beach front and If you like the serenity of paddling out in a canoe, kayak, rowboat or paddleboat (motorboats are not allowed - Yay!), you will love this campground. 

 Even the dog loved exploring this beautiful place...


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